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Talak, the little raccoon has lost his friend Mango who fell into a trap at the entrance of the great pyramid of Toutanrâton!

Help him to find back his friend by guiding the little raccoon thought the labyrinths.

Sokoban Coon give you 2 game modes :
Adventure mode with more than 6 worlds to explore.
Creation mode to build your own labyrinth and share them with the community.
Pick a system to play Sokoban Coon...
Check out some screenshot from computer and smartphone
Sokoban Coon is an original idea of DJINGAREY, programmed by Mickaël LEHAY aka Mykado and Pitou!, Music composed by K4ZE. Spanish translation made by Teisseire Pauline, translator and spanish teacher.
Sokoban Coon's logo and the characters Talak, Mango and Toutanrâton belongs to Djingarey. Minimum screen width size : 1280px.